Why Choose Us

Pasqua Wealth Solutions is a Specialized Financial Advisory Team Serving Business Owners and their Unique Needs


We bring together the professional knowledge and experience of a CPA, CFA and CFP to every client engagement to implement and coordinate those planning strategies most meaningful to helping a business owner maximize their net worth over time.  


A fiduciary advisor is required by law to do what is best for YOU without exception. The fiduciary standard is the highest standard of care, which creates a relationship of trust and transparency.


An independent advisor works only for YOU and does not represent a brokerage firm or insurance company. They take a planning 'first' approach and have the freedom to find the best  solution to reach your financial goals.

Fee Only

As a fee-only advisor, we never get paid a commission, referral fees, or kickbacks of any kind. We charge a fair fee to create a financial plan, give financial advice or manage assets.

Would we be a good fit
for you and your company?



Specialized Focus

We are not everything to everybody - we are focused on the needs, interests, and problems of business owners.

We build strong relationships with our clients. We become their trusted allies, guiding them towards their goals with confidence and clarity. The success of our clients is our success, and that is at the heart of our specialized focus.



We believe our inquisitive mindset leads to a better delivery of services, and a commitment to stay at the forefront of market changes and new opportunities for our clients.

Our curiosity drives our interest into the complex financial lives of our clients. From a desire to understanding the unique challenges and vision of each client, we can better use our skills and knowledge to help them make decisions that are truly in their best interest.



We understand the unique needs and constraints of business owners, and our pragmatic mindset enables us to prioritize and develop practical solutions that work in the real world.


Pursuit of Progress

Our advice is honest and direct - we avoid jargon, set expectation and strive to exceed them.  Our independence is complementary in our approach as we are not impacted by the constraints or rigid structure of an organization with too many stakeholders.