Strategy Consulting

At Pasqua Wealth Solutions we view our clients' financial lives through the "7 Areas of Opportunity and Concern for Business Owners" as seen below.

By having a complete understanding of each area, and by maintaining an ongoing 360o view of our clients' financial lives, we are in a position to help each client implement the right financial strategies for their particular situation, enabling them to maximize their net worth over time.

Areas of Financial Opportunity and Concern to Business Owners

Proper Strategies

The foundation needed to maximize net worth over time starts with choosing the proper strategies in each of the areas above. Having proper strategies in place will minimize the distance between where you are today and attaining your future goals.

At PWS we believe consistently acquiring the best strategies for business owners requires a combination of:

  • Possessing extensive knowledge in each of the 7 areas of financial opportunity and concern to business owners.
  • Having an acute understanding of each client, the problems they are facing, together with their goals and vision for their future.
  • Longevity and experience in successfully implementing strategies.

Proper Implementation

The way in which you implement financial strategies matters.

Implementing strategies the wrong way, or utilizing incorrect, inefficient or very costly products can diminish the benefits, or even worse add unnecessary additional risk.

And when selecting an advisor to implement your strategies - choose wisely.

Having a non-fiduciary advisor selling you products that  are "suitable", but are not the best products available for your situation, can significantly negate the benefits of proper strategy selection.


Coordinating the strategies selected in the 7 areas of opportunity and concern is the last piece of the puzzle, and an important one.

Understanding how the different areas interact with each other and then taking advantage of the efficiencies that coordination provides, is a key component to maximizing net worth over time.

View a Case Study on the importance of coordination

Business & Personal
Tax Planning

  • Business cash flow and distribution planning
  • Non-qualified deffered compensation planning
  • Tax reduction strategies for business owners

Personal Retirement Planning

  • Retirement planning and retirement cash flow analysis
  • Portfolio stress testing
  • Early retirement evaluation
  • Social security maximization
  • Daily net worth statement

Trust & Estate Planning

  • Estate planning for business owners
  • Charitable giving and donor advised funds
  • Qualified charitable distributions

Business Benefit Planning

  • ERISA retirement plan review
  • Retirement plan vendor analysis

Business Succession
& Exit Planning

  • Exit and succession planning
  • ESOP analysis


  • Personal investment strategy for business onwers
  • Alternative investments access
  • Tax reduction strategies for business owners


  • Insurance planning analysis & recommendation
  • Asset protection strategies for busijness owners
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