Investment Advisory

Our Investment Advisory service is an exclusive service only available to Strategy Consulting clients who are looking for professional help in managing, coordinating, & maximizing their investment program on an ongoing basis.

Core tenets behind our Investment Advice:

Coordination with Strategy Consulting

Strategies developed through the 7 Areas of Opportunity and Concern - including  investment and asset allocation strategies - are seamlessly implemented through our Investment Advisory Service.

Only through proper implementation AND coordination will an investment portfolio be optimized to maximize net worth and correctly manage risk. This involves coordinating investment selection and account type/placement with the strategies chosen in the areas of Personal Retirement Planning, Business Benefit Planning, and Estate Planning.  

Built for Business Owners

Investment portfolios are designed to work in concert with the growth, expansion, or liquidity needs of the business, and take into account factors such as cash flow requirements, tax considerations, and risk management.

Business owners are unique investors, and investment decisions need to align with the specific financial objectives and strategic goals of both the business and business owner.

Modern Philosphy

Our investment philosophy starts with a traditional asset allocation strategy based on the individual risk, time frame and liquidity needs of a client. But we go a step further by implementing our data driven ongoing risk management overlay.

Our portfolios aim to take advantage of the long term growth that markets offer. However, within specified parameters, portfolios are adjusted when needed to reflect current macro economic conditions -- becoming more conservative if there is a high probability of worsening economic outlook and conversely becoming more aggressive when there is a high probability of improving economic outlook -- all within the lens of a client's specific risk tolerance parameters.

Our portfolios also continually look to implement tax strategies (tax loss harvesting, capital gains scheduling, Roth conversion planning, tax-efficient rebalancing programs) that will help maximize wealth in the long run.

Clients also gain access to our extensive network of alternative investments.

Fiduciary Advice and Unique Pricing

We are an independent registered investment advisor and ALWAYS act in a fiduciary capacity.

Our advice is unbiased, free from conflicts of interest and at no point do we receive a commission for any investments used to implement a portfolio.

And for our business owners Strategy Consulting clients, we offer a transparent, low flat fee that does NOT require AUM thresholds with higher fees to be paid prior to the low flat fee kicking in.

Our Investment Advisory Service includes:

Investment Management
Ongoing Services:
Fiduciary Care
Investment Policy Statement
Macro Adjusted Allocation
Quarterly Reporting and Rebalancing
Tax Loss Harvesting
Extensive Due Diligence Process
Access to Alternative Investments
Asset Location Strategies